Geert Lindemans & Mikkel Borg Bjergsø present


"An unexpected encounter between an authentic Old Gueuze and an aromatic herb with many benefits!"

That lambic is a versatile beer needs no further explanation. We have yet to discover where its limits lie. And new boundaries is something that the 'gipsy brewery' Mikkeller likes to go searching for. And so, one day they knock on the door of Brewery Lindemans.

"The Belgian Lambics have something mysterious about them," says Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, founder of Mikkeller. "The spontaneous fermentation process adds to that mystery. We have been experimenting with pretty much all beer styles, and finally we got to work with Lindemans lambic!"

Breaking the mold among existing beer styles, the brewers combined efforts to craft a gueuze with a twist. The result? SpontanBasil. An authentic old gueuze beer with fresh basil and a surprisingly fresh taste.

The ideal aperitif, also perfect for food pairing.

Secret technique

A blend of 1 to 2 year-old lambic fermented on oak with fresh basil herb. Young lambic still countains enough yeast and sugars to continue to ferment in the bottle. This process produces carbon dioxide, resulting in a slightly carbonated beer with a nice foam.

since Launch : 11th May 2015
alcohol (alcohol content) 5.5 %
colour Golden blond, slightly cloudy
Conservation tip Due to the second fermentation process in the bottle, its shelf life is the same as that of a good bottle of wine; the taste will develop and mature with time. Bottles can be stored in a cellar lying on their sides.
calories 49 kcal (100ml)
taste SpontanBasil combines the sourness of lambic with the aromas and flavours of fresh basil. Complex tart and well-balanced taste with a nice crisp, dry and tart finish.
serving temperature 5 °C


World Beer Awards

Best Label Design Sour Beer 2015

Silver Medal category Best Fruit Lambic 2016

Brussels Beer Challenge

Golden medal / winner herbs & spice 2016

Silver medal / Flavoured beer - Herb & Spice 2020

Silver medal / Flavoured beer - Herb & Spice 2021

European Beer Challenge

Golden medal 2024