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“Our best kept secret. Yet what potential! You won't be able to resist it.”

Is it a sparkling wine or a beer? That is the question amateurs of exceptional products ask when they discover our Cassis for the first time. Cassis Lindemans is a fruity beer made from a lambic base which, thanks to its shades of dark purple and its aromas, is spontaneously reminiscent of wine. The taste of Cassis Lindemans on the palate is inimitable: intense and sparkling with a sour-sweet finish.

Secret technique

A lambic that is at least one year old in which a filtrate of carefully selected blackcurrants will macerate.

since 1986
alcohol (alcohol content) 3.5 %
colour Purplish red with an ample creamy pink foam head
Conservation tip The bottles should be stored lying on their sides.
calories 53 kcal (100 ml)
taste The blackcurrant aromas prevail over all the other scents. It tastes very sweet on the palate with a good acidity and a bold taste of blackcurrants, resulting in a dry woody note.
Food pairings - Cheesecake
- Fruit
- Chocolate desserts
serving temperature 2-3 °C

Good to know : Lindemans Cassis has been remarkably successful as an aperitif. Served in a flute, its colour and beautiful purple foam provide the most beautiful effect.


“A beer of exceptional flavour and complexity.”

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Australian International Beer Awards

Gold Award 2014

Brussels Beer Challenge

Golden medal / winner fruit beers 2016

Brussels Beer Challenge

Silver medal / Flavoured beer - Fruit beer 2018