Lindemans presents


The delicious taste of authentic lambic enriched with fresh strawberry juice

Lindemans Strawberry is a one-year old lambic matured in oak barrels and enriched with carefully selected strawberries. The result is a slightly effervescent lambic beer with an orange red colour and the deliciously intense flavour of fresh strawberries.

Lindemans Strawberry recently took the title 'World's Best Fruit Lambic' at the World Beer Awards 2022.

Secret technique

Lindemans Strawberry was developed specifically for the American market where it proved to be very popular. Following a successful launch, Lindemans Strawberry was also introduced to other markets, including China.

since 2016
alcohol (alcohol content) 3,5 %
colour Red brown colour
Conservation tip Store upright
calories 55 Kcal (100 ml)
taste Deliciously fruity with the intense flavour of freshly picked strawberries. A full-bodied flavour with the perfect balance between sweet and sour.
Food pairings Herbs: mint
Cheese: cottage cheese
Desserts: cheesecake, dark chocolate, ice-cream and fruit-based desserts
serving temperature 2-3 °C