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“We predict that the intoxicating flavour of dark forest fruits will appeal to the mysterious depths of your imagination.”

Look deep into my eyes and I will reveal to you the mystery of TAROT. Our tale takes us back to the Belle Époque, the era when tarot cards were attributed their mystical significance. The name refers to an ancient deck of cards that was used for divination and esoteric purposes. Part of a centuries-old tradition – just like lambic beer – tarot cards are primarily used as a source of amusement and to predict the future.

Our crystal ball tells us that you will enjoy the deep, ruby red colour and its dense, compact head. A sultry, intense and natural aroma of dark fruits such as red and black currants is an essential element of this prediction. The natural, juicy yet full-bodied flavour of TAROT Noir awaits you! A pleasant acidity and surprisingly mellow yet refreshing finish complete a truly magical experience.

Secret technique

TAROT Noir (ABV: 8%) is a harmonious blend of traditional lambic beer, high-fermentation beer and dark forest fruits including juicy blueberries, blackcurrants and sweet elderberries, containing less than 35 g sugar per litre that will continue to intrigue you.

since 2023
alcohol (alcohol content) 8 %
colour Deep ruby red
calories Tarot Noir 65 Kcal (100 ml)
taste Juicy and full-bodied, red and blackcurrants, elderberries with a hint of black cherries, a nice acidity and a surprisingly mellow yet refreshing finish.
Food pairings Breast of guinea fowl with black cherries, Brie de Meaux, vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce, Black Forest gateau
serving temperature 2-3 °C


World Beer Awards

Golden medal / country award / category Sour & Wild beers, Fruit Lambic 2023

World's Best 2023

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