Our family

The Lindemans

Welcome to website of the Lindemans family which has been brewing lambic since 1822. Here at Lindemans, we have never done things like everyone else.

Moreover, we are not like everyone else. Is it because we live in a place that is like no other? Is it because the prevailing winds are from the southwest? Is it because the air contains something mysterious? Is it because the Senne, which is so close, makes people crazy? It may be for one of those reasons. Or all of them. The fact is that we are different and our beers are made in our image. Different.

Our employees, our adopted family

Our employees

our adopted family

Without the 50 people who work with us, we would not be able to brew the beers of which we are so proud.

They are more than just employees: they are men and women who have linked their fate to ours. They may have other surnames, but to us, they are all Lindemans.

Our history

Our family has owned a farm since the dawn of time.

It was to occupy (and refresh) the peasants in the winter that we began our brewing activity. With time and success, our agricultural activities decreased as our brewery developed. As Darwin said, functions create organs. Today, we are once again expanding our brewery to share the love of our beers beyond our borders. Indeed, we are convinced that the characteristics of our beers, which are so unique, are a great asset in a world where there is so much uniformity.


“Driven by passion, we brew the oldest beer style in the world and are dedicated to sharing its unique flavor with as many people as possible”

  • What is our main activity?

    We brew authentic lambic and lambic-based beers of outstanding quality providing a unique flavor experience.

  • What gives our company the right to existence and success?

    As a family business we hold on to traditional brewing methods in the unique biotope of the Senne Valley - that’s how we produce our beers with their own specific and quirky character.

  • What value does our company add to society?

    Our products are made with corporate and social responsibility. That way our products always deliver the best moments and experiences to our customers.

  • What is our goal?

    We cherish our Lambic tradition in a contemporary and future-oriented way. We wish to remain the reference for lambic beers.


We are a family-driven company, aware of our corporate responsibility. We embrace the rich lambic tradition, traditional brewing methods, and the unique Senne Valley biotope.

Our beers are authentic, have a very specific and quirky character and offer a unique tasting experience to every consumer with each sip.

Visit us!

Come discover the magic of lambic beers during an unforgettable tour!

Lindemans Brewery is open and organises guided tours on weekdays, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. The brewery is closed on weekends and holidays. RESERVATION IS MANDATORY.

During this tour, which is about one hour long, a professional tour guide will introduce you to the fascinating world of lambic beers. You will learn everything from what makes the region unique to the history of the brewery and how lambic is manufactured.

The tour is of course followed by a tasting of our beers (approximately 30 minutes). At the end of the tour, each visitor will receive a gift.


Price per tour guide for groups up to 25 people: € 60 for the tour. Starting at 26 people, a second tour guide will be made available to you at the same price (€ 60). The price of the tasting session is € 4 per person.