Lindemans and Toots presents


Goyk, a beer and village where the Pajottenland is proud of!

‘Goyck’ is a blend beer from a top fermented beer ‘Toots’ and a beer of spontaneous fermentation ‘Lindemans Lambic’. ‘Goyck’ refers to the old notation of 'Gooik', the name of a village located in the Pajottenland, a village of which the Pajottenland is proud. 

In 2021 Goyck received the “World's Best Style Winner” medal. The coveted World Beer Award logo will soon adorn the labels of this distinctive beer, announcing Lindemans Goyck as the best beer in the world in the "Sour & Wild Beer" category, Sour / Wild Ale style. “We are extremely proud of our victory. What great recognition for this unique and close collaboration between the Lindemans brewery and Koenraad Goddeau, ”said Koenraad Goddeau along with Dirk and Geert Lindemans.

Secret technique

Goyck is a unique combination of the fresh soury taste of Lambic with the aromatic hoppy and fruity tastes from the TOOTS beer. 

since The summer of 2018
alcohol (alcohol content) 5,5 %
colour Golden clear color
Conservation tip Due to the second fermentation process in the bottle, its shelf life is the same as that of a good bottle of wine. Bottles can be stored in a cellar lying on their sides. After transportation, a 3-day rest period will allow the yeast to settle to the bottom of the bottle. This makes it possible to serve the beer without it becoming cloudy.
calories 168kJ/100ml
taste A unique combination of the fresh acidity of lambic with the aromatic hops and fruity flavors of TOOTS beer. A fine sparkle with a dry, hoppy aftertaste.
serving temperature 5 - 10 °C


World Beer Awards

Golden medal 2022

World Beer Awards

Golden medal 2022